How To Deal With A Child With Adhd Without Meds

You’ve probably seen children who are not able to pay attention to, cannot concentrate, or not able to follow the instructions even after being given an explanation.

The child-the child is most likely experiencing what is called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

How To Deal With A Child With Adhd Without MedsADHD is a neurological disorder that usually affects children and can persist continuously until the child becomes an adult.

Children with ADHD have difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity, and forgetfulness. Such children have problems with achievement in school, trouble getting along, and low self-esteem.

Cause of ADHD

Specific abnormalities in anatomy and function of the brain to be one of the main causes of ADHD. The Neurotransmitter dopamine (brain chemicals) primarily responsible for these behavioral changes.

Some other cause of ADHD is heredity, exposure to toxins from the environment, drug abuse, and maternal smoking.

How To Deal With A Child With Adhd Without Meds

Behavior Therapy

Children with ADHD may show the excessive reaction to a particular situation. The child may also show more aggressive behavior compared to his friends.

In this case, the behavior therapy helps the child to better control behavior and control their actions. An expected child is able to control the overreactions, anger, as well as making it quieter. Behavioral therapy targeting changes the way of thinking as well as the behavior of the child.

Cognitive Therapy (Cognitive Therapy)

Cognitively, to help someone to feel, learn, and argue. Thus, the cognitive control of emotions and feelings. Some people may experience emotional disturbances that lead to negative actions and takes many years to overcome it.

Cognitive behavior therapy aimed to help a person control your thoughts and emotions will manifest in more positive behavior.

This therapy will train children with ADHD to think in advance before acting. Cognitive therapy often used in conjunction with behavior therapy.

Therapy Reading (Literary Therapy)

Therapy of reading is also one of the treatment options for ADHD. This therapy uses books, articles, and other reading material to help patients cope with the symptoms of ADHD. This therapy is basically meant for teenagers and adults.

Therapy reading is intended to make someone understand the problems in depth by collecting as much information as possible concerning the problem. The information provided should also be accompanied by solutions to control the problem of hyperactivity.

Reading also helps the patient to focus all energy on a particular activity in a long time which is beneficial to channel the energy constructively.

Talk Therapy

In general, parents are often told children what not to do. If it is too excessive, the child would not listen and tend to instead do things that are prohibited.

This trend also applies to children who suffer from ADHD. Tell the child what not to do (forbid) will not show positive results.

Through talk therapy, parents are encouraged to always communicate with the child and talk about what that child perceived.

Talk therapy is based on the principle that ADHD can be cured if the family members show support, love, and attention by giving time to listen to the child.