What Does It Mean When One Testicle Hurts

Have you ever had pain in one or both testicles or around it? Be careful, it is possible that you are experiencing health problems. What the hell is the cause?

Testicles are the male sex gland found in animals and humans (men). Men have two testicles and scrotum that served wrapped in producing sperm and male sex hormones such as testosterone.

Pain in testicles could just be a symptom of a variety of health problems and should not be underestimated, the following is a disease that can cause pain in the testicle


Varicocele is one of the health disorders in blood vessels around the men’s reproductive tool, which is around the testes where sperm produced in men.

Inguinal herniaWhat Does It Mean When One Testicle Hurts

A hernia occurs and appears as a bulge in the groin or scrotum. Inguinal hernias occur when abdominal wall evolves so the intestine breaks down through the gap. If you feel there are lumps under the abdomen is soft, small, and may be slightly painful and swollen, you may be exposed to a hernia.


Hydrocele is caused by fluid buildup in one or two men’s testicles that causes the scrotum (sac testicles) become enlarged.

Fournier gangrene

Presence swelling in the scrotum. Fournier gangrene is one disease emergency in the field of Urology.

Testicular cancer

Is the growth of malignant cells in the testicles that can lead to enlarged testicle lump or appear within the scrotum.


This happens when one of Your testicles twisted spontaneously in the scrotum that causes a decrease in blood flow to the testicles twisted. This condition is also very emergency and requires quick medical handling.

Inflammation of the testicles

Inflammation of the testes or orchitis is the inflammation that occurs in the testes so that causes swelling, pain, and infection.

Ureteral stones

Ureteral stones are caused due to a kidney stone that descends into the ureter. The Peristaltic movement of the ureter tries pushing rocks into the distal giving rise to a strong contraction. Ureteral stones can form in the entire urinary tract, especially in places that often have barriers to the flow of urine (urinary stasis), namely on the calyceal system.

Injury to the testes

Pain in the testicles need serious handling of the doctor, but in a pinch, there are 3 simple tips to help reduce pain in the testicle:

  • Attach the ice to scrotum if swell.
  • Do not do any activity if it feels the pain.
  • Wear clothes that support and protect Your Testicles.