What Does It Mean When Your Joints Hurt

Joints hurt experienced by everyone at least once in a lifetime. This is a very common problem with many causes. In general, joint pain is joint disorders or joint injuries. Here are some of the common causes of joint hurt:


Arthritis is the most common cause of joint hurt. The two main types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis causes damage to the cartilage of the joints, causing swelling, inflammation, stiffness, and inability to move. Usually affects the wrists, hands, hips, and knees.What Does It Mean When Your Joints Hurt

Osteoarthritis is usually a gradual process in which damaged cartilage is deteriorating from time to time. Obesity can cause pressure on Your joints and make You more at risk for this type of arthritis. Usually by staying active and maintaining a healthy weight can slow down the progression.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a joint disorder autoimmune in which the immune system attacks normal tissues in Your Joints. This causes inflammation, which causes joint pain and cartilage damage. Rheumatoid arthritis more often affects women than men and can damage and weaken the joints from time to time. In addition to inflammation, fluid build-up can add to the joint pain.

Gout or Pseudogout

Gout causes attacks of sudden pain, redness, and pain in the joints, which usually happens on the big toe. Gout is caused by the buildup of uric acid, which is a byproduct of the breakdown of protein. Kidneys are usually not able to eliminate excess uric acid if it is not functioning properly or when you eat certain foods with high levels of uric acid. These foods include red meat, seafood, and beer.

When uric acid levels become high, the formation of crystals in the joints causing inflammation and severe pain. If levels become so high, the formation of crystals in the joints. The Crystal causes the joints become inflamed and painful. You can manage Your gout with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Instead of drinking alcohol and sugary drink, you should drink lots of mineral water.

Pseudogout is a condition similar to gout, where crystals of calcium stored in and around the joints. However, unlike gout, pseudogout usually affect the knee joint. Causes pseudogout is still unclear. Old age and family history can increase the risk.


Have you heard of chondromalacia? This is also known as “runner’s knee” and is a condition in which the cartilage in Your knee shell (panatella) damaged. This can occur in people who are young and active as well as on the older adults have arthritis. Chondromalacia is most often caused by excessive or sports injury knee alignment, seen on many runners. You can treat this problem with anti-inflammatory, ice, and rest.

Sprains and strains

Joints hurt can also be caused due to sprains and strained. Sometimes when you have a sprain or strain, ligament becomes torn. Your ligaments are tissues that connect bones at the joints. Sprains and strained usually happens when you fell or was injured. In addition to joint pain, you may experience swelling and difficulty moving. In some cases, muscle spasms can occur. Early treatment for sprains and strained include shutting down the injured part, ice therapy and bandages to compress and stabilize the joints.

This is the most common cause of joints hurt. The best way to control your risk is through proper exercise, a healthy diet and wear protective gear during physical activity.