What Does It Mean When Your Urine Is Dark Yellow

Do You often pay attention to the color and smell of Your urine? If not, you should start now to accustom themselves to see what color Your urine, because it could be the early diagnosis of a disease.

Urine is a waste product that is composed of a variety of substances that are not needed, even poison to the body, which comes from the food and drinks we consume. Urine has a different color depending on how a lot of mineral water consumed. The more mineral water consumed, the more clear the color of urine secreted by the body. Change the color of urine occurs when there are disorders or problems in the body. Therefore, urine can be an indicator of medical that can show the status of the health of a person.


What Does It Mean When Your Urine Is Dark YellowDehydration is a symptom in which the body lacks fluids in the body. Dehydration can cause various effects such as dizziness, loss of focus, fatigue, and urine to change color. The cause most frequently found on the color changes in the urine becomes dark yellow is dehydration. When the body lack fluids, this will increase the dye concentration of the urine in the body i.e. urobilin. Urobilin is bilirubin contained in the bladder and is the result of residual substances resulting from the breakdown of red blood cells by the liver.


Of course what we consume will have an effect on the color, concentration, as well as the smell of urine that is excreted. This includes when You are eating foods that have concentrated color such as beet, vitamin B, beta-carotene can cause an orange color and some of the coloring food. The levels of pigment that is concentrated on food do not change when through the process of digestion, this can cause the color of the urine change. Foods such as carrots, carrot juice, and vitamin C can also cause urine to be orange.


If You are in treatment or taking medication from a doctor, then don’t be surprised if the urine that is excreted dark yellow colored. Some drugs such as antibiotics, laxatives, and anti-inflammatory can cause urine is dark yellow, for example, a drug consumed people affected by the disease of urinary tract infections. In addition, the type of drug rifampin, warfarin, and phenazopyridine can also cause the color of urine becomes dark yellow.


Hematuria is a situation wherein the urine there is blood. The amount of blood a little can cause changes in the color of urine. Hematuria can appear caused by the presence of cancer in the kidneys or bladder and inflammation of the bladder drains the bladder or the kidneys. This incident can happen to anyone, including parents, children, and adolescents, and risk factors that can lead to hematuria are family ever experienced pain in the kidney, gallstones, and infections caused by bacteria or virus.

Sexually transmitted disease

People suffering from sexual disease turned out to cause symptoms yellow urine. Sexually transmitted diseases caused by chlamydia infection is an infection that most often causes color changes in the urine.

Disorders in the liver

Change the color of urine becomes darker can be caused by disorders of the liver, such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Problems on the liver usually begin with inflammation of the liver caused by a variety of factors, such as viruses and bacteria. Then, inflammation occurs constantly and results in damage and death of liver tissue. This causes the cirrhosis and is a risk factor for liver cancer. Tissue damage to the liver makes the liver not functioning properly to produce and distribute bilirubin. Bilirubin gets into the blood and causes the body to become yellow. Bilirubin that enters on the system of the bladder is called urobilin, and if the levels are too much can change the color of the urine become very concentrated.