What Does It Mean When Your Vag Hole Itches

Vaginal itch and sometimes pain, of disturbing the peace. This complaint is often caused by the irritation of foreign bodies in the area of femininity, infection, or menopause. In certain cases, itching in the vagina can also arise due to stress or a sign of early cancer of the vulva. You can avoid the risk of experience this complaint by implementing a clean lifestyle and healthy eating patterns.

Cause of the itching in the vag hole

Irritation by foreign objects from the outside of the vagina

What Does It Mean When Your Vag Hole ItchesA variety of chemicals that are around You and the area of femininity, without You knowing it to be the cause of the itching. Usually, You experience an allergic reaction causing a rash, and spread to the vagina. Foreign objects that can become a cause of allergies and itching in the vagina include soap, sprays to the area of femininity, the habit of thrusting fingers to clean the vagina, contraceptives, detergents, to fabric softeners clothing.

In addition, patients with diabetes and disorders of control of urination (urinary incontinence) can also experience irritation and itching due to humid conditions caused during urination in the frequency of excess.

The problem of skin diseases

Various skin diseases, such likely to get, can cause dry skin, itching and fester. Sometimes, the symptoms of this skin disease can spread to the vagina and cause itching.

Yeast infections

Yeast infections that occur in the vagina unnoticed can cause itching that is not controlled on the genitals. This type of infection is usually can be experienced by women who just drink lots of antibiotics that affect the good bacteria in the vagina and kill her so that there is an imbalance of the normal flora in the vagina. In addition to itching, the vagina may also issue a white liquid that feels hot and itchy.


Vaginitis is a condition in which the balance of bacteria in the vagina is disrupted and it came to pass the infection. In addition to itching, the vagina may also experience inflammation so be redness, discharge, and smell.


Other infections that can be experienced vagina even rarer than the two previous infections is trichomoniasis caused by a parasite and can be transmitted through intimate relationships. In addition to itching, the vagina may also secrete a fluid is green or yellowish and feels pain when urinating.


Second skin disorder genetic this can lead to vaginal itching, which is followed by a punctate rash redness.

If You are diagnosed with one of the medical conditions, complaints of vaginal itching and reddening can be managed using a mild steroid, such as hydrocortisone, and take a dip in the porridge of oatmeal to relieve discomfort caused by both of these conditions.

If You do not feel better after one week, ask the doctor about the next treatment option.

Lichen sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus is a rare condition and serious cause of the onset of white patches on the skin, especially around the vulva. This condition is most likely to be found in postmenopausal women.

White patches this can come suddenly, but experts argue that a hormone or immune system of the body that overactive have a role in this condition. White patches due to lichen sclerosus can become permanent scars around the vagina.

Lichen sclerosis needs to be diagnosed by a gynecologist and can be treated with prescription drugs.

Vaginal itching often gets better by itself. However, if the complaint persists, the more severe, or recur after the first treatment, consult your doctor can perform a pelvic examination, also may take a sample of vaginal fluid to find out the source of the problem.